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Sasha - dark buckskin colt b. 2017 by Sephard out of Malva - Agilas.

Presentation at the VI Conference of IAHA

A brief overview of Akhal-Tekes in Sweden and the USA and updates on the Akhal-Teke Genomic Project at the Swedish University of Agriculture.

From Another World

Article written by Cornelia Dreyer Rendelsman. First published in German on September 2013 in StGeorg.
Photo of Bechtau b 1966 by Gelishikli out of Ball.

The Introduction of the Heavenly Horse to China

Presented at the 2014 International Akhal-Teke Horses Association Special Conference and China Horse Cultural Festival. The Imperial Ancestral Temple, Beijing China.

Genomic study of the Akhal-Teke

A genomic study of the ancient Akhal-Teke breed has been funded by an American philanthropist with a keen interest in the breed and is performed at the Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in cooperation with researchers at Uppsala University.

The Horse, the Myth, the Legend

Presented at the Vth International Scientific Conference, Ashgabad April 26 2013.

Turkmenistan’s Equestrian Heritage

prepared for the Turkmen Horse and Horse Breeding in the Art World. The III International Scientific Conference. April 22, 2011, Ashgabad, Turkmenistan. Abstract published in catologue of Abstracts of reports issued by Turkmen Atlary p 106.

Absent described as the first modern dressage type horse

in an article published by The Chronicle of the Horse June 2009

Incorporating ancient Turkmen breeding practices in your modern Akhal-Teke breeding program to maintain purity and type

Speech held by Jessica Eile Keith at the International Scientific Conference Turkmen horse and horse breeding in the art world. April 25 2009 Ashgabad Turkmenistan

Systematic selection of Akhal-Tekes for sport

presented at the IV Annual Conference Turkmen Horse Breeding in the Art World Ashgabad, Turkmenistan April 27, 2012.

Response to Some Thoughts on Modern Breeding

Response to Leonid Babaev's article on breeding policies.

Russian documentary about the Akhal-Teke

The documentary is from 2009 and translated to English. Watch the film here

KaraKum Akhal-Tekes breeding goals

Detailed breeding goals for our breeding program

Foaling Checklist

This checklist is provided by KaraKum Akhal-Tekes. It is based on notes from the course “From stallion selection to weaning” at the Agricultural University of Uppsala, Sweden in 2001.
The checklist is recommended to use as a guideline to time ranges and events in a normal foaling situation. The checklist is not intended to replace contacts with a veterinarian.

Selecting an Akhal-Teke stallion for breeding

Breeding Akhal-Tekes is a challenge for many reasons. The biggest obstacles for breeders that have a breeding goal of producing excellence is the small number of horses available in this breed as well as the lack of reliable breed and performance statistics for stallions offered for breeding.

The Akhal-Teke Sire Catalogue of stallions in studbooks 3 - 9 is published

The Akhal-Teke Colors

"in the Eastern part of Alexandria "....there are horses of a perfect breed, they are fierce, fast and enduring, their colors are white, the colors of the rainbow and the colors of the sunrise".
Alexander the Great

Sire lines of the Akhal-Teke breed

Sirel lines tree for the Akhal-Teke breed.
For trees per sire line go to Articles.
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