We work with purebred Akhal-Tekes only, as we want to work within the genepool of the breed.

We believe that the original type of the Akhal-Teke is a tall, dry and bold horse with fierce, hooded eyes and a head resembling a eagle. The movements should be the typical fluid movements that the Turkmens compare to the movements of the snake. The horse should be strong with correct conformation and straight, strong legs with well formed hooves.

The Akhal-Teke is selected to perfection, over thousands of years, for covering long distances with little food and water as well as covering short distances in high speed, over rough terrain, carrying heavy weight (two adults or more).

We also know that the Akhal-Teke will only breed true to type by thorough selection of the breeding couples. The breed was not created by coincidence but with ruthless selection towards perfection for its use.
An Akhal-Teke bred true to original type and performance ability is well equipped for endurance as well as show jumping and eventing.
Within the breed there are also blood lines that give horses of a massive type with higher more airy movements that are suitable dressage and show jumping.
We have selected breeding material that have the traits we look for in breeding towards what we believe is the perfect Akhal-Teke.

Breeding Akhal-Tekes in Florida
Florida is horse country!
Having visited Florida for years we have been impressed by the development of the young horses that are allowed to roam free on grass for a greater part of the year. The calcium and other mineral content in the grass is made for building good horses. Horses are made for eating and be in more or less constant motion, this we feel we can give our horses more under the Florida sun than in Sweden.
The racing industry in foremostly Ocala fosters many good horsemen too, we feel that we will have access to te best trainers, farriers, vets and other equine professionals being close to the big breeding and training farms in Ocala.
From Europe we bring our education and experience in selection and breeding programs from Europe where we have had the opportunity to meet with some of the architects of the successful breeding programs of the European Sporthorses. These experiences are important tools for our breeding program here in the USA.
The systems for training the classic sport horse from foal to adult we also think are excellent in Europe and we will continue to train our horses using these well proven and successful systems.
The Akhal-Tekes need the same good start in their lives as the English Thoroughbred and the European Sporthorses to perform optimally, at our stud farm every horse gets the best start in their lives and the best training to be as user friendly as an Akhal-Teke can be, a friend for life, a long, sound and productive life!

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