Purebred Akhal - Tekes for sale

The stud farm produces a small number of high quality Tekes.

For the breeding season 2009 we are offering broodmare prospects for sale.

The mares are located in Florida.Please call (1) 352-209-0244 for more information.

Brokering of fine Akhal-Tekes

Today we think our experience with Akhal-Tekes is unique.
Our knowledge and experience of the heavenly breed is based on almost 20 years of frequent trips to Russian Teke breeders and breed shows. Several visits to Turkmenistan attending breed shows and visting breeders deepened our understanding for the true argamak.

KaraKum Akhal-Tekes owned and founded by us has been selecting and breeding Tekes for more than 10 years.

Additionally we have more than 20 years of experience of the European horse market and are since 2005 a part of the US market.
Based on these experiences we offer our brokering services with confidence to the discriminating buyer of fine Akhal-Tekes.

Our services include:

-Selection of Tekes from the world’s top breeders.
-Global shipping services
-Stud farm visits
-Selection of breeding animals
-Evaluation of individual Tekes

We have brokered, sold and shipped fine Tekes:

-From Russia to the USA, continental Europe and China.
-From Sweden to USA, continental Europe and Australia.

We are currently opening new exciting shipping routes for Tekes from Central Asia to be able to supply the increasing demand for high class Teke mares and fillies from growing Teke markets such as the USA and China.

You as our client will be treated with respect for your requirements, understanding for your needs and discretion about your request.

Todd Keith and Jessica Eile-Keith

Please contact Jessica Eile-Keith for more information

+1 352 209 0244

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