Date: April 2001
Q: How is the Teke crossing with the warmbloods?

A: The Akhal-Tekes are used for the production of Russian sport horses. The
Russian Horse Breeding Institute published an article on the impact the
Teke breed has on the Russian sport horses. The conclusion of the article
was that the optimal Teke blood in the Russian Warmblood was 37.5%.
This is almost the same infusion of TB blood we find optimal in the SWB.
My personal belief is that if ever the Tekes will perform on high levels in
show jumping (more than 130 cm) and dressage (GP level) some individuals
might become very interesting for the WB breeders.
In order to select the Tekes that are good performers in classical sports
we must know their indexes. Today the horses are graded on a 10 point scale
for performance. This figure is based solely on the race track performance.
The other for sport horse breeders more interesting achievments are not
published. Nor pure breds neither part breds. This means that we have no
possibility today to see what sire lines that produce good sport horses.
Performance is pedigree and as long as the Tekes haven't the performace in
the pedigrees we cannot expect to attract the right WB mares to our Teke

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