Date: April 2001
Q: I'd like to know who buys Tekes in the old world apart from the wealthy
breeders and show people. Are 'ordinary' people [I consider myself such]
buying registered Tekes or are they untouchable price wise?

A: There are no Teke shows in Europe, and I'm not sure what you mean by "show
people" I guess it is an exotic NA breed of people. Here in the old world
it is every breeders responsability to show your horses to judges to have
your horses graded according to healthy conformation, good type and so
The Tekes are much cheaper than many WB's here so it is for anyone to buy a
Teke except for those who cannot afford anything but a retired trotter or
Some European breeders have more resources than others, common for those I
know though is that they have the resources to breed horses which means
affording to buy good breeding material and to keep themselves updated on
the breed by traveling to other stud farms and attending as many gradings
as possible. The Teke breed is not an easy breed to work with as the breed
is so small and many animals are in distant places.

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