Date: January 2003
Q: Teke stallions in Estonia

A: Mr Vomm contacted us in 1995 regarding 8 pure bred Teke stallions he had imported from
Turkmenistan, the horses where in very bad condition as they had been held
at the Russian/Estonian border for many months. Mr Vomm fed the horses and
trained them in dressage, show jumping and eventing. In 1995 Katlin Leisson
who now owns Kuvvatli was working with us in Sweden as an au-pair, she also
worked with our Tekes. She was of course exited to find out that so many
stallions where imported to Estonia. The manager of the stud book Tatyana
Ryabova also told us at that time that none of the stallions where of
breeding value except for Sungat, Gelishikli line, who is the full brother
of Djeihun who was used as a sire by Stavropol.
We corresponded a while with mr Vomm, and had our trainer go there and ride and assess the horses.
Mr Vomm asked very much for the stallions though and didn't manage to sell
any. Finally he couldn't pay for stables and training. We where later
contacted by Maria Eranen, she had bought some of the stallions and offered
them for sale.
We bought Gayadagi, Kaplan line,( to our knowledge the only stallion of the original 8 imports without defects) and had him in training for a few years, we also have one offspring from him, Gadim. Gayadagi is now retired with a new
owner in Sweden.
We also found out in 2000 that Saljut was for sale in Finland. I went there
to Tampere to look at him, he was then in a bad shape, also with parrot mouth and club feet, and I decided not to
buy him. I remember though, that he had a very gentle character and that I
felt terribly sorry for him, ending up with an unscrupulous horse dealer.
We have since long though decided to not buy horses because we feel sorry
for them, but rather support breeders/owners that take good care of their horses.

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