Date: February 2003
Q: How old were those "chryptorchids" you saw?
I'm asking because I know at least 5 cases in the west( from different sire
lines) of "chryptorchids" that turned out completely normal, once they were
3, 4 or 5 years old.
Of course there might be more cases as in other breeds, but as you surely
know, the Teke developps very, very late.
I know at least 2 cases of males that got castrated because of this when
they were 1 or 2 but I'm sure they would have turned normal later. I
personally had the case with a young stallion, where a vet professorfrom
University did officilaly send me a letter that I was not allowed to sell
him as a stallion because of this. He was 2 at that time. As he were 4
years old, the second " ball" appeared and he was completely normal,
though unfortunately he is a gelding now.

A: During he last month of prengancy both testicles decend. Sometimes though,
the testicles continue to "wander" in the inguinal channel after birth and
can do so up to the age of 5 years.
There are two types of cryptorchism, abdominal and inguinal. The abdominal
is more often left sided while the inguinal is more often right sided.
The inguinal, the right sided cryptorchism, is what you are referring to.
The chryptorchid stallions that I refer to are recommended for breeding by
MAAK are among others Orlan, Azir and Yazpolad. There are several other
cryptorchid stallions that are used for breeding in Russia. Another very
much used stallion that was cryptorchid is Peren. Yanardag that was the
Champion of the World Championships in Moscow in 2000 is cryptorchid and
has not produced any offspring.
I know that Yazpolad was left sided and abdominal, the other stallions I do
not know what kind of cryptorchidism they had.
Research on cryptorchidism in the horse indicates that it is genetical.
Therefore most European breed societies do not allow for breeding cryptorchid

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