Date: April 2002
Q: Since they are also horses
with quite strong personalities, horses that mature a bit later than most
warmbloods, it is much easier to take "some" warm-blood horse and start
winning CEIOs or Championships at six of their age than wait for a Teke to
mature and settle down.

A: I do not think that it is any difference in age or training between tekes and WB:s when it comes to matching to animals for the high classes. These horses peak at the age of 12-13 years old and that it what they are trained for.
The horses that break at the age of 8-9 years are not trained correctly. Today the tools are so precis to early pick the best warmbloods and match them to good trainers. We do not have these tools for the teke breed. I think that many very talented tekes are lost as they are not tested properly at an early age. The top talents needs top riders, just look at Pialotta and Rembrandt, they where really difficult horses to ride and handle, but they had the talents and ended up with the right rider.
Unfortunately some talented Tekes ends up with riders that call them stupid instead of intelligent. In those cases one wonders who is stupid......
Maybe some of the Tekes are too good for us?

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