Date: February 2003
Q: Excuse my ignorance, I am probably barking up the wrong tree here. I haven't seen blacks who look dun but Sabine Toepfer-Gebert's stallion Gorlik looks black but when bred to a dun mare (Alikly) produces those beautiful blue-eyed pink-lipped white creatures. Two or three years in a row. I understand this means he is not a true black but a dun, is that right? I guess the example you are looking for is the opposite...

A: A black horse can carry the cream gene (Ccr) and not show it like
Gorlik. This don't mean Gorlik is a "dun" or buckskin.
The cream gene (Ccr) only affects brown hairs not black ones.
This is why a buckskin's mane and tail are not diluted and why
a black horse is still black.

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