Date: May 2000
Q: Should we allow AI in the Teke breed ?

A: Last week on the breeder's congress in Ashgabad the issue of AI was
discussed. Geldi Kiarizov and the Turkmen Atlary as well as some Russian breeders want to prohibit AI within the AT breed, their suggestion is to register the offspring from AI as part breds.
This of course led to a debate on using the AI within the AT breed. The
question is still open and we will try to gather as many opinion from large breeders as possible to the next international congress in 2001.
Some of us western breeders tried to put focus on the question of a
stricter selection of sires which some of us find more important than AI, if we cannot select the right breeding couples, no technique in the world can help us to breed excellent tekes.
Well these are issues for futher dicussion to prepare for next years
meeting, personallly I think that it is better to run a test period with AI breeding and have it thoroughly evaluated, and also to work for a stricter stallion appproval system.

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