Date: March 2003
Q: I'm frustrated! Need your opinion. We bought in Year 2000 an older
AT-Stallion from Germany. He was bred in Tschagorta. Unfortunately,
Pedigree was not found in the Russian Studbook. So we asked Barbara
Illauer, official MAAK rep. in Europe at Polling for help. She is in contact with MAAK, Tatjana Rjabova.
She asked us for bloodtest. We did an International blood type card. Year by
Year I ask for result. Now, German friends brought us the papers and we got
a bill about U$D 80 for registration in Studbook (is already registered in
book IX, page 305) and U$D 100 for searching parents!!!! We already paid DM
92 for blood type card and CHF 40 for veterinary.
Do you think that I have to pay all this fees? Is it my mistake that he got
years ago wrong papers for export?

A: I understand that you are all confused over all the people that have been
involved in the research for the pedigree of your horse as well as all the
time it has taken.
This is unfortunately normal procedure when it comes to MAAK's way of
working. They do not respond to correspondance and do not act until someone
they know tell them to do so.
In your case Barbara Illauer, Todd and others involved to verify the
Russian pedigree of a horse. For the breed association it is of course good
to keep a record on where the registered horses are and what they do.
Normally the change of ownership is therefore free or very cheap, many
breed registries even refund money to those who reports when their horse
According to correspondance Todd had with Nadya regarding xx in 2001
she had already confirmed the ID of the horse even before she got the blood
typing results. She also by then asked 60 USD to issue the papers.
Maybe you should remind Nadya Abramova from MAAK the price she gave you by
There seem to be no reason to why the price was doubled, especially as it
took MAAK another 2 years to issue the papers.

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