Date: April 2002
Q: Growth statistics for Teke foals

A: I'm wondering if any of you have any measurements of your
purebred yearlings and the final height of the horse?
I'm trying to check the growth curves of Tekes compared
to other horse breeds.
For example, the Thoroughbred reaches 90% of it's final
height as a yearling. Looking at the statistics in the 6th studbook
the horses in Turkmenistan reach 88% of their final height.

This is a big difference in final height!
For example, our filly Mushmula will be 1 year old on the 2nd
of May. She is now 150cm. If I use the TB statistics she will
reach an adult height of ca 166cm. If I use the Turkmen
statistics she will be 170cm!

We have been measuring our foals every month to see the
growth and to create a statistical database of the sizes of the
Tekes as well as standard deviation. I've seen that the average
height of the Tekes in breeding has not increased since the 1960's.

Can anyone help with some measurements?
If so, send them to me and I will publish the results later.

Addendum February 2008, Mushmula was measured to 165 cm at the age of 6 years.

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