Date: February 2003
Q: Do I need a EU passport for my VNIIK-registered horse in Europe?

According to the EU-directive (EEG) 90/427, and 93/623/EEG a horse passport
must accompany all registered horses.
In the decision 93/623 all horses must be accompanied by a passport.
Since 2000 registered horses should be accompanied by a passport, in all
European countries.
In Sweden we had to do some minor changes in law to be able to decide that
ALL horses should be accompanied by a passport.
So, in Sweden we have the following rules:
From the 1 of March 2002 all registered horses are obliged to have a
passport. Before the end of year 2005 ALL horses in Sweden must have
Registered in this sense means registered in a European country by an
approved breed organisation.
An Akhal-Teke can be registered with the mother stud book, presently managed
by VNIIK in Russia. Eventhough the horse is registered or incribed into the mother stud
book the Akhal-Teke must be registered with a European approved breed
association to be considered registered.
As far as I know, I would be very interested, and happy, to know if I am
wrong, Sweden is the only country in Europe where Akhal-Tekes are
registered ONLY by an Akhal-Teke breed association and that breed
association only register Akhal-Tekes that are inscribed into the mother
stud book.
This means that a Swedish registered horse always is inscribed into the
mother stud book.
Unfortunately and to the opposite to what Andrea claims, it is difficult,
sometimes almost impossible to get the Akhal-Tekes insrcibed into the
mother stud book, as Akhal-Teke owners and breeders sell and compete their
horses we are forced to issue the passports before we get the official
registration papers from VNIIK. Otherwise we would cause problems for
owners who wants to sell, travel or compete with their horses.
One terrible example of this is a colt Roshin whose owner paid for and gave
a required papers for registration personally to Tatyana Ryabova in august
2001. The horse was then sold to Sweden and came with a German passport,
registered with a German Verband as an Akhal-Teke. Roshin has still not
received his registration papers from VNIIK. One might ask how it can take
18 months for a breed association to issue a registration paper.
Unfortunately the Roshin case is not an exception.

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