Date: December 2000
Q: The Akhal-Teke breed has a closed studbood, what is the difference between a closed and open studbook?

A: I used the terms closed/open stud books in an earlier mail, with closed
stud book I mean that in order to get registered into the closed stud book
the animal must have both of its parents already inscribed into the stud
book. This is the case for the pure bred Akhal-Teke as well as for the
Arabian horse and the TB.
In an open stud book any animal that fulfills certain criteria set up by
the breed registry can be inscribed, for example the Russian Warmblood
Edinburgh bred by Alexander Klimuk was approved as a sire by the Swedish
Warmblood registry on his perfomance records. So all his offspring from
approved Swedish Warmblood mares can be insribed into the Swedish Warmblood
stud book. An Akhal-Teke sire might also be approved into the European
Warmblood breeding if he is merited enough, this means top placings in GP
dressage and 150-160 cm show jumping and an approved conformation.

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