Date: February 2003
Q: Are there any Tekes in Finland, I have never seen any advertised for sale?

I know that one of mr Vomm's Tekes, Dajshkala, went to a Young Rider for
dressage training in Finland, this was in 1997, I don not know he he ever
made it to comptetitions. I heard that the rider had a bit of a problem
with him being a little bossy (the horse not the rider). Maybe you can look
for his name with your equestrian federation.
There is also another gelding called Gran that seems to be a very talented
dressage prospect, he was started in some beginners classes but then he was
sold to a Finnish woman near Helsinki that has not started him in
competition. He was said to have been imported from Turkmenistan and had
papers but we never managed to fully verify his parentage.
I know that Saljut was advertised for sale in a Finnish magazine, we where
contacted about him by another Teke enthusiast from Finland.
A few years ago the mare Taus was also offered for sale in Finland, a Swedish National Team endurance rider was interested in her but she did not pass the pre-purchase vet exam due to suspected OCD in the hocks, she was later imported to Sweden as a broodmare.

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