Date: March 2001
Q: Is breeding Akhal-Tekes to other breeds to produce part breds good or bad for the breed?

A: There is an overproduction of horses in this
world, many of these horses end up on long horrible transports to slaughter
houses, or even worse being neglected to slow painful death.
Every year we are being contacted by quite a few mare owners of various
breeds that want to cross with our AT sires. We turn down most of them. The
only mares of other breeds we are interested in are the mares have
performance merits. We rather not breed than breed if we do not believe
that the product will serve a good enoug purpose to have a good life.
It is though, very interesting to use the Tekes in the Sport Horse breeding, but it
is difficult to find the good WB mares to cross with.
In order to be attractive for the WB breeding program the management of
Teke breed must be adjusted to the modern methods of selection.

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