Date: March 1997
Q: I am confused here. The last I heard, none of the ATs in the US are actually enscribed in the International Studbook, and therefore are not considered "purebred"

A: The current situation for the US horses is this...There are a few who are inscribed in the World Studbook either as Stallions or Mares or as foals of registered horses. Where the problem arises is with the horses who were sold as purebreds out of Europe and or Russia who were later found to be partbreds. For many years and due to language barriers (or other reasons), foals born in the US were never entered. Hopefully, at Conference in May in Virginia, with the help of Ms. Riabova and the bloodtyping reports, all those interested can get their horses properly inscribed in the appropriat book, either Purebred, highbred or partbred. I'm sure that their are going to be surprises, and some dissappointments, but there are a few of us now with the studbooks and we are trying to sort out as much as we can! The other problem that we have is that some horses from the Sprandel herd had their names changed when they arrived in the States, and there were pedigree errors in the sale cataloque for the dispersal after Eberhard's untimely death....Fortunately, with the bloodtyping done in Kentucky, we do have a way to verify parentage and get a better chance of filling in the blanks!!!

If you would like more specifics on where horses are, e-mail me, some in Virginia, California, Washington, Idaho, Colorado etc., though, as I said, not all will prove to be pure.
Jas McMahone

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