Date: April 1997
Q: When was the studbook closed?

A: I talked to Tatyana on wednesday to get the "official" version of
when the studbook was closed. Tatyana confirmed my version below.
The horses "thrown out" of the 7th (8th and 9th) are results from the
blood typing program Tatyana initiated in 1973.
I'm looking for the 250 documents on the subject xx mentions
to research the matter, but the fact still remains...
Tatyana was, after all, the person who finished the 5th book,
wrote the 6,7,8,9 and is working on the 10th... I think she should
know what is the truth... Tatyana is the official spokeswoman
of the studbook.

Tatyana will be making an official statement about this and
about the "mad" percent calculations soon on the web.
She mentioned some of the uncertainty of some of the info
before the 3rd book. I saw, for example, in her book on lines
that there's a document stating that Skak is the son of
220 Sluchai and not of 142 Kizil... And a curious one on the
parentage of Ak Sakal Sr. (means "old man").

Tatyana wanted me to mention that bloodtyping should
done on horses with "ify" papers. Anyone researching
the ancestry of a horse should send an international bloodtyping
to Tatyana with pictures and any papers for positive identification.

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