Date: February 2003
Q: I take it as a cynic expression when you state that all those horses
registered since 1991 are not inscribed in the GSB. It does not make a
difference whether a book consists of a catalogue kept at the institute, a
series of published registries for every year or a real "book".
As soon as an AT gets its registration number it is inscribed in the GSB.

A: Tatyana Ryabova prefers to inscribe the horses into the mother stud book in
alphabetical order, when she decides to compile a stud book she will start
giving the first stud book number to the horse with a name that comes first
in alphabetical order. If you study the numbers of the horses that are
inscribed into the stud book you will notice that they have a different
series of numbers than the horses that are only registered. Some horses
that are inscribed into the stud book also have a letter like A in their
number as it during the manual work in compiling the horses alphabetically
errors are made so there are horses that have 126 and A126 because the A126
showed up later but had the same letters in its name.
If you study the registration papers of your horses you have received from
Tatyana you can see that the Registration number is filled in unless the
horse is born before 1991 and is not included into any stud book, then the
horse has no number at all. You can further see on the registration paper
of your horses born after 1991 that the row for stud book number or
Stutbuch number is blank. But the horse has a registration number. The
registration number has 9 digits and tells you where the horse is born,
what year it was born and if it is a purebred or partbred and index number.
The status of the horse in other words is that it is registered and not
inscribed into the mother stud book. For any horse breeder this indicates
that the horse, by some reason, does not fulfill the requirements for being
inscribed into the mother stud book.

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