Date: May 2002
Q: Can the breed association's outside Russia wotk together with MAAK?

A: MAAK is "The Emperor's New Suit" for the Soviet time and style management of the Akhal-Teke breed. I have been the child who has asked the questions; why is it only one person who set up the breeding program, the rules for evaluation, does the evaluation and summarize her own work without any insight from an audit board or reps from breeders or other associations. Is it possible that only one person, can have all he necessary knowledge to work with this breed on the population level? I like other breeders that question the emperor's new clothes are punished.
Will this situation lead to an improvement of the breed? Of course not! We need a lot of competence and knowledgeable and wise people to manage the AT breed today to secure its future. Do we need more emperors in the breed? No, we need dedicated but also competent and wise people, unfortunately people that strive for power are not always the same as competent and wise people.
How do we find and organise these people and competences? We must accept that the AT breed is already fractioned not only by regional borders but also by cultural like the German vs the Aglo-Saxon school of selection and evaluation. This fact we cannot and shall not change. Can the western associations work together towards and create a goal for the breed? Do we have the right people to do so within the breed?
My suggestion is to look closer at the organisation of the World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses to find a forum where the different association can work together.
Who will design the breeding goal and decide how to work with the parameters of breed progress for the AT breed globally? It must be a task for the wise, experienced and educated. For now I can only come up with two names Alexander Klimuk and Geldy Kiyarizov they could be assisted by the wise and educated breed population genetesists in the west.
I will end this with a question;
Who are the five best sires in Europe respectively the USA today, the sires that will guarantee future success for the breed?

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