Date: May 2002
Q: How do we maintain the most important trait in the Tekes?

The division of the breed started back in the 30's and 40's when the Kazakhs
started breeding in Djambul. Here a more massive type was selected for
breeding and this is still evident today in the Degerez and Lugovskoy horses.
The next division came with Shamborant took some of the best breeding
stock with him to Tersk stud in the 50's.
So, already in the 1950's we have 3 fractions; the Turkmen horses,
the Kazakh horses and the Russian (Tersk) horses.
Then the 70's came and the German's start importing Tekes.
These horses represent yet another type/division/fraction.
Then in the early 80's the Americans also start breed with
another type/division/fraction.
Now we have a lot of new breeders in Russia, Turkmenistan,
Europe, USA and Australia. These breeders are continuing the
division of the breed by breeding what THEY believe is an Akhal-Teke.
Tatyana Ryabova usually says that "There is an Akhal-Teke for everyone".
Meaning that there are different types that will fit different needs.
Is this good for the breed??? If I look at an Arabian, 9 times
of 10 I will see that this is an Arabian horse. If I see a Friesian I'll most likely
recognize it as a Friesian horse. If I pick, at random, a horse from Sweden,
Germany, France, USA, Turkmenistan and Russia, will I see a "breed".
Probably not!
A western breeder was overheard while watching a video of Alexander Klimuk's
horses. The person said: "This is a completely different type than what we have".
Why is this so?????

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