Q: What is the Teke FAQ?

A: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Akhal-Tekes
In 1996 we launched the first web site about this breed, The Akhal-Teke Network, with this web site came a mailing list that we managed and moderated until 2004. So many people contributed with so much, it was a learning experience and a joy for us to manage such a great online community.
The TekeBlog was introduced in 2005 and was active until October 2007. With our to blog we were able to communicate our breeding philosophies as well as our policies for general management and training of our Tekes. We enjoyed great discussions with great people most of the time.
Besides the interactive communities we have been maintaining for many years we have also had many interesting and stimulating private discussions, on-line and personally with people with deep insight into this breed as well as people new to the breed with intriguing questions.
Please do continue to contact us directly with your thoughts, ponderings, remarks and questions, even if it might take a while for us to reply to emails.
Before you contact us though, you might want to browse through more than a decade’s history of Frequently Asked Questions about the breed, this is interesting reading we promise!
If you feel that there are questions we have not addressed, let us know and we will add it if we find it is of general interest.
Many of the questions below have been asked several times by different authors in our online communities or in private correspondance, therefore we do not disclose the name or user name of the author of the question.
The answers are ours, unless an author is named. We only quote authors that have been communicating officially in one of our online communities.
The Teke FAQ will be continuously updated.

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