Date: April 1997
Q: Stallions per line in different countries per 1996

A: I got the 1997 stallion catalog from Tatyana today.
There are 265 stallions registered.. Interesting reading!
Here are some of the statistics:

Stallions in Europa: 41
of these 10 are Peren line
and 11 are Gelishikli line
4 Kaplan line stallions.

22 in Germany
1 in Switzerland
3 in Italy
2 in England
5 in France (we have a frenchman lurking on the list.
any of these yours Philippe???)
5 in Czech Republic

Stallions in USA: 7
4 Peren
2 Gelishikli
1 El
(She missed the Skak line stallions....)

12 in Kazakstan
61 in Russia
140 in Turkmenistan

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