Date: January 2003
Q: I don't know much about akhaltheke breeding, But if I
want to breed with XX doesn't he have to be approved for breeding? Can you tell me
a little bit more about this.

A: The stud book management does not approve or disapprove any stallions for
breeding. Every year though, they recommend certain stallions
that they find should be used for breeding.
This means that the mare owners have to do their own selection of suitable
stallions. This system has, as you understand, pros and cons for the breed
population as well as for the individual breeder.
The only proof you have to show to a Teke mare owner is that your stallion
is registered with the General Stud Book presently managed in Russia.
Then you might have national laws on breeding your stallion to external
mare, maybe you have a national horse breeding board that will have to
approve him for breeding in Europe. In Sweden stallions of all breeds must
be approved by a national horse board before they are allowed to be used on
external mares.

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