Date: May 2002
Q: Is Gadim a warmblood?
Is he a cross or did he compete in a separate category of the Three-Year-old Test for Swedish Warmbloods ?

A: Gadim is an purebreed Akhal-Teke, Gayadagi-Alma, born at Karakum AkhalTeke
Stud here in Sweden. One of the reasons that we participated in the show, is
that there's a growing 'fanclub' here in Sweden, and because we (and
warmbloodpeople too) think that the AT could be a good complement in the
warmblood breeding. He was showed 'off the record', because the AT, not yet,
are a part of the breeding program for SWB (but we are working on it)

Forgot to mention that his height (at the show) was 162 cm - more than I
expected, and still growing....

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