Date: December 2000
Q: What did Phil require for a genetic dun -- leg stripes? You start to wonder
if "dun" is really a set of genes, and maybe he was implying that they were
one gene short of the classic dun. If you go to the Brindle site, they
compare brindle to "dun factor," and there are varying levels of dun factor
-- some dorsal stripes also branch downward an inch or so (beginning to
resemble a zebra)! Where do you draw the line?

A: The dun in its strict sense is the primitive color where the pigment of the
hair is distributed like the illustration I have attached, this is the only
way to see the difference between a dun and a buckskin as buckskins may
display some of the so called primitive markings. I am aware of the wider
use of dun in the English language though so the term dun might also be
used for the buckskin color. I have not heard of the word classic dun but I
guess you mean the primitive D gene color like the color of the Norwegian
Fjord horses.

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