Date: December 2000
Q: I was wondering which colors are acceptable in Tekes, and if there are any
that exist that cannot be registered? Specifically, does anyone know if
they can be dun, as defined by Sponenburg in Equine Color Genetics, with a
dorsal stripe and maybe leg barring and/or a withers stripe. I am painting
one and I'd love to do him in grullo, but I haven't been able to find out
whether they can be grullo (dun on black).

A: All colors are acceptable in the Teke breed. The dun color (D genotype)
does not exist in the Teke breed though.
The Tekes are buckskins but do often display a dorsal stripe and different
varieties of "smutty".
Phil Sponenberg visited us and our horses a couple of years ago and agreed
on the fact that eventhough the Tekes have very dark and broad stripes they
are not dun or grulla.

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