Date: December 2000
Q: Is it true that the Turkmen fed their horses mutton fat and eggs?

A: The Akhal-Tekes in their original country Turkmenistan where fed mutton
fat, chicken buoillon, bred, barley, eggs and luzerne (alfa alfa). The
horses where worked hard every day and needed all the protein they could
get. In the desert there are not too many protein sources, especially for
animals that are working harder than eating and reproducing. The horses in
other words ate the same food as their owners, except for the luzerne and in
other proportions.As horses have no gall-bladder they have difficulties in
digesting fat in high rations, it seems like the Turkmens where aware of
that fact as they fed the horses small rations of food several times per
day and night.
The Greeks during the Antique fed their horses dried fish before hard work
and long transports.
There are also examples of antelopes that live in very harsh conditions
that eat meat from dead animals to get protein.
Even in Russia sires are fed eggs during the breeding season, they can get
as many as 30 eggs per day when they are breeding many mares.

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