Date: February 2003
Q: If a horse is listed in the on-line stud book with their pedigree does this mean they have been registered with MAAK? If the mare is not listed but both her parents are does this mean she will have to be registered before any of her foal's are eligible?
If I am not the owner of a horse, but have the mare on breeding loan, can I register her or does her owner have to do that?
Can the mare and foal be registered at the same time?
How much does registration cost?
Do I need to email Nadja Abramova in Russian in order to obtain MAAK registration application forms?

You can read in the disclaimer of the Online Stud Book that it is not
applicable for verifying the parentage of an Akhal-Teke.
It is merely a list of horses inscribed into the General Stud Books til
1991, and additions made from the year books where horses have been
registered since 1991.
In fact VNIIK has not inscribed any Akhal-Teke into the mother stud book
since 1991 when the last stud book published was compiled.
What they do now is only registering the horses, so no one horse born after
1991 can claim to be inscribed into the mother stud book.
They have only been give registration numbers by VNIIK. A stud book have
been promised to be published since 1997 as the rules of MAAK states that a
stud book must be published every fifth year.

If you lease a mare for breeding I guess the leasing contract give you the
rights of the owner over the leasing period so I guess that would be no
problem for you to register the mare with VNIIK and see to it that she is
registered with the right owner. In the TB and warmblood world you want
yourself registered as owner of the mare when you take the foal as the
registered owner will be considered as the breeder of the foal. But with
the time it takes for MAAK to register a horse I guess that is no idea to
try to achieve in this breed. Maybe you can do a quicker registration of
ownership with the English Horse Breeding Board.

The mare and foal can be registered at the same time but in order to make
sure that the mare is a pure bred according to VNIIK rules I recommend you
to check her first with VNIIK. Are you sure that the mare is not already
registered with VNIIK?

A registration cost, at least it did two weeks ago USD75, this in only for
the registration.

Try to email Nadja Abramova, nowadays she can write a little bit in
English, at least when she is trying to sell horses, hopefully she will be
willing to help you in English even if it is only a registration.

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