Date: march 2001
Q: What can we consider as a good brood mare? Since I'm
completely unexperienced with Tekes and horses in general, I assumed that,
provided she has good origins, she grows up in fit and healthy conditions
and she's able to breed, it'd be enough!

A good broodmare must be of good breed type, have good conformation, eg no
conformational faults that are considered bad for the breed, she must have
good movements/performance ability and a good temperament. All this points
must be carefully judged and taken into account when selecting the
broodmare. The origins are also important to study, father, mother,
siblings and other relatives can tell you a lot about her quality as a
The Akhal-Teke breed was and is created through selection for type,
conformation and performance ability. Not all Tekes in the population are
of breeding quality.

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