Date: October 2000
Q: Is the Teke really related to the Yakut?

A: Regarding the similarities between the Yakut and the Ttekes. Many Russians
have told me that their theory is that the Teke originates from the
mysterious Tundra horse that now is exctinct but of course exisited in
Siberia, very interesting theories, especially when some scientists today
question the theory that the Prewalsky is a wild horse and its relations to
todays horses.

I haven't been able to lay my hands on the full report written by the
I'm not a genetesist but the work of Tikhonov is mentioned in The Genetics
of the Horse.
They worked with polymorhpic locis and found the coefficient of similarity
was equal to 0.681, which is supposed to be surprisingly high for horses
with such differences in phenotype.
II: I talked to Gus Cothran at the University of Kentucky some time ago.
He has also compare the DNA of the Teke with the Yakut and seen very close

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